Richmond Dentist

Your family is moving to Richmond and one of the things you would like to do is find them a dentist who is qualified and reliable. Because you are new to the city this may not be as easy as it sounds – there are many dental practices in Richmond. Your family’s dental health is very important so you cannot trust it to just anyone. Before you settle for any Richmond dentist make sure to ask the following questions:
Where did you go to school?
Many patients end up with the wrong dentist because they are afraid to ask this important question – they are worried that it may make them appear confrontational. It is your right to know where the people who provide you with healthcare trained, so don’t be afraid to ask. The best dentists will ensure that their qualifications are clearly displayed in their offices.
What dental procedures do you offer?
Many dentists are general dentists – they can do regular checkups, cleanings and other general dental work but if you need a specialized procedure they may not have the necessary expertise. Think about your needs so that you can choose the appropriate provider.
Do you take emergencies?
Your children may have good teeth but you never know when an emergency will arise. It is important to choose a dentist who can take you when you have an emergency when you have a young family or even teenagers.
Do you have the necessary equipment in your offices?
You want to avoid referrals as much as possible – it delays procedures that could easily be done if you choose a dentist who has a well set-up practice.
How much do you charge for different procedures?
This is very important – dental care costs can vary widely between dentists s you ought to make sure that you aren’t being overcharged. That said, very cheap dentists may not be the best because they may be taking shortcuts.
Can you do cosmetic work?
You may need cosmetic work as you grow older – teeth age just as we do.
Marshgate Dental comes highly recommended amongst dentists in Richmond. You can get in touch with them through